Atheist asking for Coal in their Stockings?…

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I have gone through a myriad of emotions about the Atheist’s attack on Christendom during the Christmas season. The final conclusion is that I am not going to allow self-refuting haters spoil my egg nog! There are several other religious holidays that concur with the same calendar days or seasons, but they don’t have signage dissing the other Religions.

After this post I am going to put on my Jimmie Rodgers Christmas album on the record player, sing the old standards loudly (and off-key), get out my christmas lights, set up all my Nativity sets, and get ready to trim my “pagan” Christmas tree. I say “Bah humbug” to the atheists and their agenda, and for the record (and response to their signage) “Who needs Christ during Christmas?….Everybody. If there is not Christ, there is no Christmas. The word is literally “Christ” – “mas(s)”.

The proper question and less confusing question would have been, “Who needs Christ for the Winter Solstice? or Festivus?”, then the answer of “Nobody” would have been clear and without contestation. However, their message is not simply to celebrate a holiday, but they must tear down others in the process. It is shameful and embarrasing, like a century old fruitcake that no one wants but they keep trying to “re-gift” it.

If Atheist want to celebrate the winter solstice, that is fine, and I have no problem with them observing December 25th for whatever good and peaceful reason they deem appropriate. It is another thing to try to hijack another  person’s holiday by ridicule and disdain. For starters, it is not in the “Holiday Spirit”. The Winter Solstice holiday celebration was historically a religious ceremony performed by druid priest…huh? Is it Ironic Idiocy, sarcastic tongue-in-cheek, or a coincidental seasonal change? Whatever the reason, I know Santa has them on his Naughty list. Yep, boys and girls it is going to be coal and switches for Christmas this year. Maybe you can set out some mead and a turkey leg and wait for King Arthur instead of Santa Claus. The result will undoubtably be the same.

Atheist seem to be promoting the “Winter Solstice”  as a non-religious alternative to Christmas. If they are just celebrating the shortest day of the year with gifts and pleasantries it seems strange that they don’t have the same celebrations on the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice. It appears they are trying to “Athe-ize” Christmas to fit their Anti-Christian worldview and agenda. (This hi-jacking accusation can go both ways!)

Personally, I think they should promote “Festivus”, from Seinfeld, as it is a day of grievances. Ha. Some atheist actually do celebrate Festivus, though they still do it in smug arrogance:

Festivus, essentially an atheist holiday, represents traditional values of family and friends. No Santa Claus, the Xmas tree is optional, and we don’t lie to the children and fill them up with phony stories.

I would like to point out that they fill children with hopeless ideals of a purposeless, meaningless, ultimate existence.

“At this season of the Winter Solstice, may reason prevail.
There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” – See more at:

This quote came directly from the Freedom From Religion website. It is clear that atheist have an agenda…”may reason prevail“! This language indicates an affront on Christian Christmas. I don’t think I am putting too much emphasis on the language of this as I am sure they were meticulous about their verbiage. It still confounds me that they overtly say “Religion is myth and superstition that hardens the hearts and enslaves the minds”. It is impossible for atheist to be privy to such knowledge!! They exclude any and all non-physcial aspects of life, therefore presupposing those aspects to be naturally derived or false.

FFR organization appears to be grounded in Naturalism and Scientism. In this discipline only the natural world exists and knowledge and truth can only be derived from scientifically verifiable or sensory experience. Well…is that sentence scientifically verifiable? Are any of the sentences or words used by atheist scientifically verifiable? How then can we derive any knowable truth, fact, or knowledge from atheist? By their own admission and worldview, we can’t. They have transformed themselves into dancing mimes holding irrational memes!


Richard Dawkins's Religious Christmass Wish

I am aghast at the overt intolerance of the sign above. This is a blatant slap in the face and is in no way a compassionate message of desired equality, or promotion of an alternative. They want to “eradicate the negative stereotypes of non-believers, promote rational thinking over superstition, and ensure that our government remains completely neutral on the subject of religion vs. non-religion”. Wouldn’t it be better to say that we choose not to belief in God and leave it alone? Why do they have to say that they are “promoting rational thinking” over “superstition”. By what authority do they claim their rational superiority over others? Atheist only agree on one unified ideal, they all lack the belief in the evidence that there is a God or supernatural. How rational is it to have belief system that is not unified on any other front than a singular lack of belief?

The negative stereotypes that have them up in arms are simply the doctrine of Christianity not some passive temper tantrum; non-Christians are sinners who have a life time of un-repented and unforgiven sin that will invariably take Non-believers to Hell for eternity? That is what the Bible teaches and that is what Christianity teaches. This applies to everyone living. It is not discriminatory or respecter of persons. It is not that Christians are superior or more rational, it is that they are forgiven and saved, but not by anything they did on their own. I am not sure that this a negative stereotype rather than a reality that the Atheist would rather not be the case; they are welcome to disagree and propose an alternate reality. Their alternate reality doesn’t usurp Christianity by merely saying it is superior or more rational. It is just an alternate belief that will stand or fall on its own merits.

Christianity doesn’t teach that non-Believers cannot be moral, show compassion, or do good works. It simply says that with out Jesus Christ all one’s efforts to save him/her self are futile and in vain. A sinful people can not save themselves by virtue of their “good works”, when there is no way to undo the damage and pain caused by their “bad works”. That is what Jesus does, He takes the bad we’ve done and creates an undoing of the bad by paying the ultimate price, having never done anything bad or immoral. He took all the punishment that sin brings, so we could be free from the punishment. This is why Christmas is so amazing, it is the day that Emmanuel (God with us) came to earth. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come, Let Earth receive her King.”

I am not upset that Atheist want to believe something different from me, but the name calling and self-righteous mantra are a bit too bitter. I am sad that they choose to see the world through such a restrictive lens that they are condemning their own souls. I am being sincere, they are worthy and valuable; they could have so much more. Christ gives us life and life more abundantly.

Atheism has no other choice than to restrict any holiday that it deems unworthy of its believer’s time. Which that could be all of them. There is no linear belief system in Atheism. As a philosophy it restricts the human experience, understanding, and condition.

For example, Atheistic dogmas usually of this variety: Relativism, Determinism, Naturalism, Darwinism, Scientism, Hedonism, Nihilism, and Existentialism. What do these all have in common? They restrict a possible knowledge base or experience.

Relativism and Hedonism restrict morality and the ability to understand morality in an objective way. Scientism and Naturalism restricts what can be considered knowledge/truth. Nihilism and Existentialism restricts the understanding of what happens after death. Determinism and Darwinism restricts what can be known about who we are and why we are. So, the fact that they are trying to restrict what Christmas means and how it should be celebrated is no surprise. They are following the trajectory of their own self-refuting patterns. All of these philosophies fall upon themselves as incoherent. Because they make any opinions and/or opinion makers moot, therefore making their own truth or meaning moot.

Here is what one prominent atheist said about their anti-Christmas signage:

“Even children know churches spew absurdity, which is why they don’t want to attend services. Enjoy the time with your family and friends instead,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Today’s adults have no obligation to pretend to believe the lies their parents believed. It’s OK to admit that your parents were wrong about God, and it’s definitely OK to tell your children the truth.”

Does David Silverman feel the same way about his children? What if they become Christians because they find Atheism to be intellectually dishonest and false? When you create a culture of skepticism it will invariably lead to becoming skecptical of one’s own skepticism.

Here’s the issue, you don’t get to tell our children what to think! David Silverman paints a broad brush that “children know churches spew absurdity!”

Firstly, tone down the hostility, you sound like an intolerant bigot. Millions of those “superstitious simpletons” died so you could have the rights express such an intolerant view. Show some restraint and respect.

Secondly, these are our children, not your children. They are not the government’s children, not the school’s children, and not the State’s children. In my last podcast I talk about Dr. Lawrence Krauss saying he feels a moral obligation to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of children about religion, but it is only based on a strong suspicion that he might be right about the world and reality.

Thirdly, David and all his atheist friends are not as brave as they let on. Why aren’t they in Iran and the Middle East promoting that Muhammad is a myth? Did he receive the Koran via an angel, did he ascend into heaven, and/or will a follower of his receive tens of virgins if they give their lives as a sacrifice? It is easy in America to rattle sabers at an inherently benevolent and compassionate group of people. It is another to actually engage in battle wherein one knows their lives may be in danger over offending another’s view.

Listen to apologist Ravi Zacharias counter Richard Dawkins‘ antagonistic advice to “mock them (Religious), ridicule them in public!” Ravi says, “I support what Dawkins says that we should ridicule people with religious beliefs and I would recommend that he begin that statement in Saudi Arabia and let him start…the least he will find out is that not all religions are created equal.”


Now moving on to Santa Claus and Christmas lore. Nina and I tell our kids Santa is made up like superheroes, the Easter Bunny, or Mickey Mouse. We pretend he is real to have fun, but the presents come from us and their other families members, not from a Jolly Fat Philanthropist named Kris Kringle. It is nothing more than people dressing up like Iron Man or Captain America, or Halloween, or costume parties. It’s just a fun tradition.

Nina and I chose not to lie to our kids. You don’t have to lie to your kids about Christmas to celebrate it in a Christian way. Also, there is no equating the myth of Santa to the myth of Jesus. Jesus is not a myth. He is a historical figure, that has been verified more than any other person ever.

“While discussing the “striking” fact that “we don’t have any Roman records, of any kind, that attest to the existence of Jesus,” Ehrman dismisses claims that this means Jesus never existed, saying, “He certainly existed, as virtually every competent scholar of antiquity, Christian or non-Christian, agrees, based on clear and certain evidence.”

B. Ehrman, 2011 Forged: writing in the name of God ISBN 978-0-06-207863-6. page 285.

Read more:

He existed. Everyone has to square with that. The Christian journey starts there and if he also rose from the grave on Easter (He and the Easter Bunny hopped out of the tomb together! Ha! I couldn’t help myself), then you’ll have to square with that as well. He was born. We choose to celebrate that great day on December 25th. I don’t really care if it was His exact birth date or not. It is the day my family chooses to celebrate it. The Bible actually addresses this issue:

One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. (Romans 14:5, NIV)


In closing, Christmas is about sharing experiences with friends and family and showing compassion to everyone because an amazing thing happened. We want to share our excitement that Jesus Christ, the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world, came to earth. We feel like that is a gift worth sharing, singing, and shouting about. It is the Good News.

Merry Christmas to all! Cheers!


If you have any questions, concerns, or see any errors in this post please contact me at Thanks!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!