LIVE Podcast on Friday the 26th at 6:00 pm…Listen or join us in-person…

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This Friday at 6:00 pm Mullins Media and J’s Place on Main (click link for directions) will be hosting an Unabashedly Resolute LIVE Podcast. You can join us in-person, grab a coffee or sandwich, and enjoy the LIVE show. If you can’t be there, then you can join us LIVE on, Google Hangouts, and YouTube.

We are going to be talking about the role Christianity in the Political arena. We hear words like Liberal? Conservative? What do these terms mean and why are they important to us? Does the Bible offer any support to one or the other? Is there a true separation of Church and State in our Constitution?

I know we aren’t supposed to talk openly about God and Politics. There are no two topics in our lives that are of more importance to discuss and share with friends and family. Our inalienable rights of free speech still exist in this country, we need to take advantage of this limited governmental power and ensure it is still available for future generations.

The 2016 Presidential Caucus is coming up soon in Kentucky, it might be a good time to review your political stance and your political understanding.

*If you want to ask questions or share your comments during the LIVE Podcast you can:

  • Call in or chat with Skype Unabashedly Resolute 
  • On your phone (859) 559-0108

Also Watch us LIVE here:

  • Watch us LIVE and chat with us in Google Hangouts at Unabashedly Resolute
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