Where are we going and how do we get there?…

As the Presidential Primary elections draw nearer to a close, the ideologies of each candidates are massively different. There is something for everyone. Here is my observation and break down.
  • a Nationalist (Trump) – It seems he wants to rule by abuse, intimidation, and control. He sounds like every insane dictator in history…sure let’s give him the keys to the kingdom because we are pissed at politicians like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Please, don’t…I was kidding. He says he’s very smart and he has the best words…but I’ve heard him interrupt himself from one unintelligible comment to another. Sometimes, he doesn’t even say a complete thought before trailing off…hoping no one notices. 35% of Republicans didn’t notice…scary!! His catch phrase to anyone who challenges him is “Be careful…”. What is he a mob boss? Be careful or what? He also said he’d pay the fines for anyone who punches any protestors…someone seems to be a bit touchy, and only likes his ego to be stroked. Narcissist much? Not to mention he’s being sued for fraud
  • a Constitutionalist (Cruz) – A Conservative who wants to restore constitutional structure to the political system. It is like a contractor trying to shore up the foundation, fix a leaky roof, and give the exterior a new paint job. Also, to fire everyone standing around holding a shovel but doing nothing to strengthen or further the economic and social security of our nation and families. He is a bit dry, and has the Texas swagger coupled with dizzying intelligence to overwhelm most voters. Some people don’t like him because he looks like Uncle Fester, he talks about his faith, he references the constitution, and he has pissed off most of the politicians in Washington, D.C.. He may be the most conservative candidate since Calvin Coolidge. If you like conservatism and the constitution, there is no other choice. If you are squishy on either of those then you’ll want to look elsewhere.For those paying attention, Yes, Ted Cruz is my pick for President. However, I would like to say I have looked at his deficiencies properly. There was the Iowa tactics and the Ben Carson debacle…but now that Ben Carson endorses Trump, it makes me rethink Carson’s indignation about not dropping out of the race. Did Trump and Carson cook something up together to be able to label Ted a cheat and liar? I don’t know but it definitely calls it in to question. Besides that, there is not much to talk about. The Media has pulled everything up that would be considered “dirt”. The only “bad” that anyone has brought up is he didn’t disclose the loan he took out against his 1.2 million savings account to run for Senate…which he paid off. Meaning he doesn’t owe anything to anyone or owned by any bank. Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to contrasts apples to apples. The National Enquirer story is a non-starter considering there is no evidence and Donald Trump has connections to the CEO, also Donald using the same tactics to smear Ben Carson and medical malpractice. So, if you don’t like Ted Cruz, then you don’t like him personally or ideologically. He has no scandals or improprieties that would disqualify him, like an email scandal. (The fact that she knowingly put our classified information is possible jeopardy just to have convenience disqualifies her from commander-in-chief. What else will she do for convenience sake?)  Just be honest and say you don’t like him. If there is something, one day, that is a huge negative, then we will deal with it. It would have to be a massive ethical and moral failure though…Donald is being sued for fraud and has his taxes audited every year, and Hillary is being investigated for Felony actions. If he has unpaid parking tickets, I’m still okay with him being President.
  • a Professional Politician (Clinton) – Howbeit, not a very good one. She says contradictory things, and looks as uncomfortable as a wax figure in a boiler room when asked any direct question. Her legacy is more like a Whack-a-Scandal machine, than a list of achievements. There are a laundry list of her connection to a plethora of scandals (she may be innocent of some of them, but there are too many to say she is innocent of all)…or maybe she is very good at being a politician. Someone who does this for a living is easily caught in an inescapable web of atrocities. She gets a good bit of the minority vote but not as much as she should. Bernie is really cutting in to her base, and is pulling the morality rug out from under her. It is hard to immune Republican’s and Sanders for all the evil in the world when your policies and counter-parts are at the center of dozen’s of investigates and Federal Probes. Put Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders in her position, they would be eviscerated from every media outlet with any political clout in America and Europe. Why does she get diplomatic immunity in America, as an American? Also, Bernie is more Hillary (Progressive) than Hillary is or has ever been, so why pick her when you can have the real thing with Bernie? #whyhillaryifyou’vegotBernie
  • a Socialist (Sanders) – I am saying Socialist because putting democratic in front of it doesn’t make it any less Socialist, the desire is still for government to control more and more of our daily lives in this model; antithetical to the Constitutional design and Founders desires. Only in this model we get to vote for the people controlling our lives…until they decide we don’t get to. He has an impassioned base of Millenials and liberal Generation X-ers. He is speaking from an honest motive and has articulated his vision and moral necessities to those desperately desiring to live in a moral and upright country. This is further proof that Post-modernism is a sham, because everyone wants to have their beliefs be right and their morality to be validated, but if morality is subject to each person’s own moral code…then those feeling the Bern! have no where to place their moral judgment except on themselves.  It creates a self-refuting and preaching to the choir moment. This is not the desired intention, as they are obviously not preaching to the choir. He’s a good, moral man who is a Socialist. If he was my only choice, between Hillary or Trump, I still don’t know how I’d feel about voting for him. Once you give up any rights, it is nearly impossible to get them back…short of revolution. He is honest but his answer is wrong for America.It looks as if there are only 2 honest candidates who say what they mean and are devoted to principled lives: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Both men have supporters who are mad a the political system for the same reasons, they just have a very different way of solving them. If you vote for Bernie Sanders, I understand why and sympathize with you and your heart. If you vote for anyone else, I cannot compute or understand your rationale…no matter how many times you try to tell me how great they will make America. It’s about the fruit my friend, and neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have any good fruit to speak of. I wouldn’t trust either of them to walk me across the street, let alone have access to all of our personal information and the nuclear launch codes.


 MILTON: The most harm of all is done when power is in the hands of people who are absolutely persuaded of the purity of their instincts and the purity of their intentions. Thoreau said that philanthropy is a much overrated virtue. Sincerity is also a much overrated virtue. Heaven preserve us from the sincere reformer who knows what’s good for you and, by heaven, is going to make you do it whether you like it or not. That’s when you get the greatest harm done. I have no reason to doubt that Lenin was a man whose intentions were good, maybe they weren’t, but he was completely persuaded that he was right and he was willing to use any methods at all for the ultimate good.  -Milton Friedman

I thought a quote from Milton Friedman could give us cause to reflect on where we actually might want our country to head. Honest and Pure intentions are good but they are not Truth or correct on that alone. Correct policies, honesty, and good intentions are much, much better. Both Ted and Bernie are running on this platform. Why do I think Ted Cruz is not guilty of what Milton is talking about, but Bernie might be? He is for a limited and smaller government, he is for more choices in the areas of education and healthcare, and for issues not addressed in the Constitution he is for allowing the States to take up the issues. In short, he is for shoring up the breaches in the separation of powers, even though it will constrict his influence. Meaning, he will not be as intrusive in your lives as President Obama or Bush. He will be focused on freeing up regulations for business and encouraging entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Downsizing a government that is nearly 3 million non-essential persons is a much needed tax saver. Bernie will need to grow government and have government take over Higher Education. Education, Healthcare, Retirement, …what’s next, private enterprise and personal property? Yep, that is what Socialism is and does. He is exactly the person about whom Milton Friedman was referring.

I would like to get back to free market economics, less regulations, and restoration of individual freedoms…but there is an uphill battle against educators, sitting government, and media that are against people like me. This is the true American Dream, Fighting the Power. But isn’t that how we all feel? Every person “Feeling the Bern!”, every Hillary supporter, every Donald Trump lemming, and every #Cruztovictory support all feel like David or Rocky. Why is that? Because we can all point to disparity for our positions. We are a splintered nation. Every one of our leaders is engaged in behavior we deem unconstitutional an immoral. The problem is we don’t agree on what to do about it. Some want a new government, a stronger Executive, a more balanced/less intrusive government, or a female at the controls. I think we need to re-evaluate the Constitution and its original textual meaning. The Founders say this day over 300 years ago and the created a form of government that could withstand this schism. We have to be willing to be honest and quit blaming each other. Forgiveness and closure would go a long way in healing America. We need a good therapy session.

We could help get each other back to work and following our dreams. There is no greater mode of transformative economics in this history of humankind than a capitalist economy. I am not talking about crony capitalism, but rather free-market economics (like we should have and are supposed to have. And by-the-way Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and even China employ them…for those playing the Socialist/Marxist home game.) Free Market economies are thriving in socialist and communists countries, but they can’t work here in America? Someone’s not being intellectually honest with you.
Europe and Asia are taking our economic systems and kicking our butts globally, but they are not taking employing the individual freedoms Americans enjoy. One very specific reason they don’t, is they didn’t have our Constitution to start with, imagine what they could do with constitutionally protected rights. Some in this country want us to be like Europe…but negative interest rates, and diminished military forces do not look that appealing. Besides, America is supposed to be leading the world, not following. With all our freedom and ingenuity we should be able to solve our problems in a jiffy…unless some don’t want to solve the problems, or their propaganda is more important than solutions. The only way for us to be like Europe is to dissolve the Constitution completely…but then what hope do we have? Is Europe that much better off than America financially or socially?

Remember, it is not wise to get rid of the load-bearing pillars when you don’t know what they are holding up. First you need to understand the Constitution before you discard it. It is holding up more than you realize. It is not an inherently racist or privileged document, as it was the first and only form of government to recognize our natural rights apart from and not beholden to government. The first time in history national leaders could be from any citizen or individual who desired such a position, not by blood-line or last name. Also, it was the first time that a person’s vocation didn’t determine their station in life…a merchant could become wealthier or more powerful in a community than a political figure. It would be self-refuting to use those rights to create a government that restricts those rights and strips them from individuals you disagree with, only to oppress those people with collective ideologies that everyone has to agree with. The very ideologies that have enslaved humans for eons and the ones the Founders specifically legislated and drafted against. Every form of Monarchial government or Marxist ideological framework is rooted in collective thinking. It is a regressive to go back to Collectivism; a fool’s errand. Collectivism is only a good idea when the ruling class or the rulers create rules you like, what happens when they begin to oppress you?

The separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, and limited government were all set in place to ensure that your individual liberties weren’t abused. I beg of you, do not give up those God given and constitutionally protected rights for a handful of European Magic Beans…you have no idea who is at the top of that Stalk. I can guarantee you, it’s not Mary Poppins and her bag of endless goodies. It’s more than likely a smelly Ogre, with a nail-laden VAT club in one hand and an IRS bill in the other.

if you see any grammatical or syntax errors (or contextual errors) please email me at hello@goodwarfarecommunications.com. Thanks! – Editor.