Progressive Daydream Come True…



To all my Conservative friends:

Thanks for finally proving to the Progressives most Conservatives are unintelligent, bigoted, angry, and unreasonable. They have been unsuccessful for decades, most recently with the Tea Party. Now, they have nationally televised and social media evidence the Conservative movement will do or say anything to support their nominee (who is as big a progressive as Bernie Sanders and President Obama). The brushstroke are of intolerable colors. I don’t mean intolerable in the same circular reasoning liberals use it regarding supposed inclusivity. Rather, you now line up with ends justify means liberal agenda. Doing mental gymnastics to rationalize bad arguments as good. Conservatism is supposed to based on objective truth, unwavering and rooted in principle, not whim or emotionalism.

The much of the blame lies with the “Conservative” politicians for becoming the political elite in Washington and not standing up for the Conservative constituents. I indictment to my own Senator Mitch McConnell who has been as progressive (in Senatorial behavior) as Senate Majority leader as Harry Reid. He was supposed to be strong and principled if we elected him a Republican Senate. He has not been, only a few have: Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mike Lee, etc.

I know this Primary elections was a revolt and revenge nomination, but we had better options. One can be angry and still make intelligent decisions.

We have become what we have feared from the Left: an oppressive movement with a silencing agenda and a hypocritical rationale. Choosing  party, a person, instead of values. The railing on Obama and Hillary seems empty and envious. There is no moral high ground anymore. An apology needs to be given to Progressives, Conservatives, and everyone else in the United States for acting against our Conservative character. Remember, it is not government that is evil or oppressive, rather it is the people who will use the government to push he/her personal worldview on others. Government, like guns, are inanimate but in the hands of someone who know how to use them, they are an unbelievable asset for liberty and protection; in the hands of a lunatic they are deadly, oppressive, and unpredictable.

The message has gone from touting the Founders and Reagan to endorsing and getting behind a candidate that is a caricature of a cartoon buffoon. Waving his flag and waving it proudly. Evangelizing for his Glorious Ridiculousness. History will record this endorsement. The legacy will before forged forever with Trump. A page has been taken from the Progressives: if you Conservatives don’t agree with us your the problem. It is not hard to see why this happened. Endorsing Hillary or Trump causes one to engage in fallacious logic and reason; there are no logically valid reasons to vote either of them. It seems the masses are whipped into a frenzy and not can’t help it.

It is not merely giving consent. It is bashing and belittling Conservative values and friends. This election has nothing to do with stopping Hillary or about Conservative judgeships. In the past, those were very strong arguments, e.g. McCain or Romney. We may not have liked everything they stood for but at least they stood on our platform. Trump stands on his own platform, and it changes every few minutes. Be honest, have you ever heard him talking and thought to yourself, “What the heck did he just say?” We all have! I’ve never heard someone trail off mid-thought and stop talking like nothing happened and that they have given a completely cogent argument.

The Left are rubbing their hands together and letting out a maniacal laugh, “Idiots, they did it to themselves. All our years of planning and subterfuge providing nothing, all they needed was blustery, buffoonery incarnate.” All of the Social Media blitzing and bashing Trump Conservatives are doing to proselytize the rest of us is like watching Derek Zoolander explaining the difference in all his looks. (If you watch the clip long enough you will see Trump endorsing Derek Zoolander. Fitting for a person impersonating a Conservative Presidential candidate to endorse a person impersonating a serious male model.)

Can we change the course?

Can we recover from this tailspin, this face-plant right in front of the Progressives?

Yes, but it will take serious effort and years of building. Glenn Beck often talks about the 100 year plan, and I don’t think he is very far off. We need a 1,000 year plan for Liberty and Freedom to be preserved, not a 4 year plan to elect our favorite TV personality.

Can we truly unite around principles, the Constitution, and conscience without settling on who we think can win? Yes, and we must. It may no longer be the GOP, but Conservatives must rise to the challenge of being mature people. Forgiveness on both sides needs to ensue and reconciliation on values, not a person.

What if we put on mad scientist hats and tied to create a Conservative candidate in a laboratory. To mastermind one we could all get behind in principle and conscience. He/she would have to have a great understanding of the Constitution, but also real-world experience to show he/she knows how to apply it. Intelligence is a must, and a clear, concise voice to articulate a well-thought out Conservative message. Private, Public, and Political experience should be required as well. He/she must know what it is like to struggle, work, and sweat along side of the common man. Finally, he/she absolutely must have a consistent record of being principled and standing on values, regardless of the mainstream opinions. A person who will fight unabashedly for what he/she believes…what we believe. A person who will end corporate cronyism, abolish unnecessary Executive Agencies, and rid Washington of Lobbyist.

Wait, I know someone like this…Ted Cruz. #TedCruz2020 It doesn’t help us this year, squandered opportunity, but we can mount a surge to be proactive for the next election. And to vote our conscience on every other candidate State or local. Hopefully we still have elections in 2020 and Hillary or Trump didn’t outlaw them. (Only half joking!)

I remember some of the same Conservatives saying Cruz couldn’t win. Now are holding their breath (formerly #nevertrump) but endorsing Trump; the self-fulfilling prophecy came true. This is the second time these Conservatives have betrayed Conservatism and their conscience. Cruz didn’t win because people didn’t think he could win. He won 13 states, 600 Delegates (he had over 1200 promised on a second ballot for a contested RNC Convention), and 8 million votes, not bad for a guy who couldn’t win. If you look at Gary Johnson’s increased endorsements by military, Conservatives, and liberals it seems like maybe Crun could have won. Don’t tell me Cruz didn’t have the political chops, or the principles, or the record because he has a lifetime actually being a Conservative. He did it first in heavily liberal Harvard Law, then he has done it Congress repeatedly. He is the candidate we have waited our entire lives for, but because a lot of people were afraid to stand on their principles and conscience we have the worst candidates in history. Trump will be looked at in History as a joke or novelty candidate and we will be the clowns who elected him. We had the chance to elect several people who would have destroyed Hillary, but we choose the only person who could lose to her.

Unless something impossible happens where Trump bows out and Cruz becomes the new nominee we will have to wait until 2020 to elect the first Conservative Presidential Nominee in our lifetime. I am begging my Conservative friends to come back to reason after this debacle and stand with us on Conservative, Constitutionalist principles and help us steer America back to where we and all pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The worst case, almost conspiracy-esque, is that Trump stays in long enough to force the RNC to not get another person on the ballots in the US. Then Trump drops out of the race and Hillary runs unopposed to the Presidency. He gets any business deals he wants and go away. She licks her lips and devours what remains of the Constitution, turning us in to a 21st Century Animal Farm Utopia. In short, Trump may be running to lose. What does that make us? Shameful, gullible, and hypocrites.

I may have offended some but I am hoping there are many righteous and wise among you, and fewer scoffers and mockers. I am standing on the Proverbs 9:8-9 precept: “Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.”



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