Is Language Discoverable, Like Physical Laws?…


I am wrestling with a thought and possible theory about language.

You see, if you start with the knowable aspect of information, that we can know it, then you have to posit and assume that it transcends us and  objectively exists, like numbers used in Math. It goes something like this:

  • The universe consists of information that is knowable
  • Knowable information is necessarily, objectively understandable
  • Information is knowable and necessarily, objectively understandable


  • Information is knowable and necessarily, objectively understandable
  • This information is understood by Sentient beings with analytical minds and expressed by human language
  • Information expressed and understood by sentient beings through human minds and expressed by human language is necessarily and objectively understandable

I am still working on it. To be clear, not all information is knowledge (based on Aristotle’s Justified True Belief criteria), but all information is knowable. Whether or not it is beneficial to know certain information is debatable. I can know objectively understandable subjective reasoning without violating my proposition. It is information therefore it is knowable by others who are not the primer or creator of the subjective reasoning. If information was not objectively knowable then only certain people, the primer or first cause of the reasoning or proposition, would be the only ones who can know it. But because we use our minds and language to communicate this information it can be then analyzed and understood by others who according the first law of logic, the law of identity, are not the primer or first cause.

All of the disciplines of our existence depend on their expression being in presented by the use of language. We may, as a society, choose the spelling of the words or the order of the words, but the thought being conveyed is objective necessarily. Or else why say anything at all. When I want to tell someone to go North, I may spell it norte if I am from a Spanish speaking country but the true meaning I am trying to express must necessarily be a northward direction. It cannot mean south, flower, lady, or bus. If the concept I am trying to convey can be interpreted or understood in any infinite possibilities then communication as a societal bedrock will be crushed under the incomprehensibility of possible, subjective interpretation. Language must be something we have discovered, like directions or the Laws of Physics. We can change the way we go about expressing it but if we change its essence then humans will cease to exist and die out being unable to communicate with other human beings.

I hope to have more on this in the future. I think it could be the missing key to unlocking the chains of Postmodern gridlock in our three main areas of life: Politics, Religion, and Education.