Good Warfare Communications is a Podcast Network broadcasting on topics ranging from apologetics, politics, and art. We are dedicated to excellence in the craft of broadcasting and will strive to have high moral values, clear and honest dialogue, and informative content. We will be unabashedly resolute in our beliefs and defending those beliefs but we refuse to be belligerent to others who have opposing views/beliefs. This doesn’t mean that we will agree with their views or feign any postmodern sentiment that all views are equally valid and true. We will state our beliefs as logically, rationally, and as honest as we can. We won’t always be perfect or right, but we will strive to reach such heights.

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Wes Mullins


Wes Mullins is an author, photographer, apologist, husband, and father of twins. He and his family live in Jessamine County Kentucky. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2006 with a B.A. in English Literature. He received his Certificate of Apologetics from Biola University in 2014. His passion for Apologetics, Jesus Christ, Philosophy, and Logical thinking spurred the creation of Everyday Apologetics, God and Politics, and Philosophy & Art podcasts. Most of this late teens and early twenties was spent preaching and teaching as a lay minister in his local church. He has published two book of poetry and working on two more, as well as a book on an intro to Apologetics. He is the owner and operator of the two other media outlets of Mullins Media: JWMullins.com and Shammah Publications. When he is not taking pictures or recording podcasts, he can be found in the local Central Kentucky scene giving poetry readings and doing book signings. He is also a member of Living Stones Fine Arts Collective, located in Lexington Kentucky.