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Everyday Apologetics Podcast was approved for broadcasting on iTunes! Click on the Link below, or go to iTunes (on any device) and type in “Everyday Apologetics” to iTunes store to subscribe today!! [click here] We are still tweaking the podcast niche and show…

Podcast Episode #3 is up…

This is the first in what will be a series on Postmodernism in Media and TV.

Episode #3 “Postmodernism in Media and TV” (listen now or click here to view all podcasts.)

A review of the movie “Evan Almighty”(2007) and the postmodern philosophy / theology used in the script and dialogue.

Episode #3 “Postmodernism in Media and TV”

When God (Morgan Freeman) talks to Evan Baxter’s (Steve Carrell) wife (Lauren Graham) does he represent a biblical understanding of God, morality, justice, and the historical understanding of the flood or postmodern fluff? Listen to find out.

Truth Decay

“Human reason-ing is affected by sin in that we often do not attend to matters logically or we reason in only a half-buried or slothful way. We employ logical fallacies without knowing it, and our stock of facts from which we argue is sometimes limited in ways that hinder our thinking […] The greatest problem with human reasoning occurs when it vainly attempts to become autonomous of God and divine revelation. This is the fault of human hubris, not of reason itself.”

       Douglas Groothuis, “Truth Decay” (pg. 122-123)