Revolutionary Part 2: The Necessity of the Constitution and the Rise of Donald Trump

Progressives since Woodrow Wilson, believe the Constitution is irrelevant, illegitimate, and flat out wrong. This is why they feign outrage concerning “rights” (more like privileges) and work tirelessly to undermines is authority and importance in our everyday life. It is the single greatest Political and Moral achievement in the History of the World. Once it is dismantled and replaced it will take another Revolution to carve out a nation so inspired as America was in its founding.Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government we now had, after coming out of the Convention in Philadephia in 1776. He said, “A Republic…if we can keep it.” I’m not sure we will. After a quarter century of Big Government, Progressive Ideology in the Executive Branch (Clinton, Bush, Obama) I don’t know how we move the needle back to Center Right and pare down government influence and unconstitutional/unnecessary intrusion.

Finally, we talk about Donald Trump and we dispell the myth that the GOP created his rise to prominence because of their bigotry toward the President. Both Harry Reid and the President are floating the narrative and my progressive friends are buying in. Wait, don’t drink the divisive kool-aid just yet, I have some things to say that will make sense…especially since I am a registered Republican and followed the pulse of the party; Harry Reid and the President present an army of fallacious strawmen to prove their agenda driven purpose. Don’t believe the hype, the President is not above engaging in propaganda tactics…no President is. This is why the Framers created the Separation of Powers, and 3 equal branches of Governance. To protect the people from abuse and overreach. By the way, I am not Party Loyal and will write-in a vote for Ted Cruz. He is the best candidate in the last 50 years. #tedcruz2020

The Revolution has begun: Will you choose to side with Socialism, Populism/Nationalism, Conservatism, or apathy/anarchy? There is a war for control of the government. If the people don’t take it back and demand the government get back into their respective, Constitutional boxes…we may just lose the Republic forever.

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