“The Truth Is Out There…”

Wes on the Cliffs

Cue up the X-Files music!

We have untethered ourselves (Westerners) from Truth. Post-Modernism has permeated Europe and America. We have out-smarted ourselves.

Now, all thoughts and opinions are equally valid and true…except if you don’t agree that all thoughts and opinions are equally valid. We are essentially free to reject any thoughts that make us feel less, and we can be our own gods, setting our own morals. Yet, we still yearn for Truth. We still want to know what is right and wrong. Confusion has increased instead of decreasing. Think of it like a child who has no boundaries and no rules. They act out constantly.  Desperately looking for consistency and boundaries; they want to know how far they can go and what is safe. This stays the same throughout our lives. We all know there are absolutes, rights and wrongs, even if we act like they don’t exist.

It was an effort during the last Century to free people from unwanted feelings of inferiority and judgmental accusations. The result is a aimless people, alone and purposeless striving for Truth…even though they don’t believe it exists.

Here is the hope I offer you: There is Truth. It is evident in every discipline of knowledge we have available to us. It is in this that we can justify and know beliefs can be true…and false. Have the courage to seek Truth, and you will find it. Just be brave enough to know and understand some of what you believe now is false and not true.

Happy Sluething!!



Note: The audio is a little low, just turn up the volume. I was at a coffee shop using apple headphones when the thoughts were pouring out. Don’t let the quality of the audio deter you from hearing what I think is extremely important for our current environment. 

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