Resources and Media

Websites / Podcasts:

Most of these organization also have apps or iTunes podcasts that allow listeners to subscribe. I have listed the 6 most influential for me over the last two years.


Reasonable Faith is William Lane Craig’s flagship resources center. Dr. Craig, or Bill as some refer to him, is one of the most heralded apologist of our day. He has courageously debated every notable atheist and accomplished it with humility and grace. It has been his tenacity that has encouraged me to press on deeper into apologetics.This website is complete with all of his debates and transcription of those debates, his defenders class, his podcast, question of the week thread, his books, etc. This a must for every apologists arsenal.


apologetics315Apologetics 315 this website and apologetic media is organized and hosted by Brian Auten. He holds a master’s degree in apologetics and is the director of Reasonable Faith Belfast. This site is replete with overwhelming resources, interviews, vocabulary and precept definitions, as well as links to all other apologetic media resources. If it’s apologetics and you are looking for it, you can probably find it here. was born out of the Meccas and Bastions of Apologetics, Biola University. This was my first experience with podcasts.  Sam Welbaum and the gang were talking about Hume and Skepticism, after only a few minutes and I was hooked. These guys tackle on a regular basis topics that other podcasters and apologists don’t engage or seem to engage. The format is usually a moderator and a panel with pithy comments and plenty of wit. I am sure that Sam and others with throw out a few geeky references to sci-fi or pop-culture. I think this would be good for millennials especially.

standtoreasonStand to Reason is Greg Kookl’s flagship website. He is an adjunct professor at Biola Univeristy, and is featured in the Distance Learning Apologetics Program at Biola. Stand to Reason is a comprehensive Christian and Apologetic resource center. Everything from podcasts, blog post, and to apologetics training is available. is Ravi Zacharias’s flagship website. Ravi is a world-class apologist who has debated the best of the best and has been invited to have conversations with dignitaries and men whom others would not be courageous enough to go or have the resume to be asked. I am amazed at his passion for the Gospel of Jesus and I can tell you that there is not a podcast that I have listened to that he has not pricked my heart and moved me to tears. His passion is so powerful. He demonstrates the power of God in our lives experientially and the logic of God through reason and arguments. And I his accent is mesmerizing, he is like the Sean Connery of Apologetics.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 10.43.46 PMDomain for Truth this is actually where I first was introduced to apologetics. I was looking for something on Greg Bahnsen and actually found a lecture series by Douglas Groothuis that changed my life forever.  I used to go running at night and listen to the challenging lectures as Dr. Groothuis “jammed” away on apologetic goodness.



The Host’s Reading List

Truth Decay

Douglas Groothuis, Professor Denver Seminary

Truth Decay: Defending Christianity Against the Challenges of Postmodernism

This book is a poignant a book for our generation as “Abolition of Man” was for the 60’s-70’s. It helps us understand what we are up against and why.





JP Moreland Professor Biola University

Loving God with Your Mind 

JP Moreland alleviates the misconception that Christians are required to forgo intelligence for the sake of the Gospel and Christianity. His exhortation on the necessity and responsibility of Christians to think and think with excellence should be a challenge that we are willing to engage.



CS Lewis

CS Lewis

Abolition of Man

“Mere Christianity”


“Problem of Pain”

“Screwtape Letters”


CS Lewis is still teaching us things about thinking and apologetics that we hadn’t got around to yet. I love the complexity of his simple thoughts, and the simplicity of his complex thoughts. The Chronicles of Narnia are amazing, as well as his Science Fiction Trilogy “Perelandra“, “Out of the Silent Planet“, and “His Hideous Strength“.



Direct TV Channel 378: NRB Channel

reasonablefaith This Dr. Craig being interviewed and excerpts from lectures and debates. It it is a great fit into this type of medium. As always Dr. Craig delivers.

wayofthemasterKirk Cameron and Ray Comfort host a show teaching how to evangelize effectively and with grace. If you don’t have this in your arsenal and tools belt you will need. This has been instrumental in telling others about Jesus in a way I never knew possible. If you combine this with apologetics, it should be a very effective way to talk to anyone you meet.


Apologetics Academia:

Biola University offers an apologetic certificate program. biolalogo

This is 3 Module course. It cost about $95.00 for each module and $30.00 to have each test grade. So for about $500.00 you can be a certified apologist from the bastion of apologetics in the world today. It doesn’t make you an elite apologist, but it is nice to be recognized by your peers and mentors that you have achieved such an honor.

They also offer a really convenient Master of Apologetics as well that included a 2-week residency in La Mirada California every summer. The cost of that is around $20,000.00. It is a great deal for those who desire furthering their Apologetics Training.