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Expecting -Cara Dee Photography

There is something sublime about the philosophical idiosyncrasies and eccentricities woven into each work of art. Whether it is an impressionistic painting that uses existentially charged brush strokes or the poet who writes transcendent verses seemingly inspired by Truth, it is clear that what emits from the artist flows from their worldview and their filter. It is so important that we do not discount the truth of the art simply because we do not value the medium. A painter may capture the truth of our existence in canvas just as easily as a writer can in an essay; both have their place and they should be working in harmony, not at odds with each other.

It is a controversial issue about the true existence of a “Christian Artist” in the art world. There is no such thing as a Christian Artist, writer, painter, poet, etc. However, a person who is an artist might be a Christian, just as a person might be an atheist. Christians who are artist do not need to clarify that their worldview is Christian; their work will speak for itself. We must have Christians who are creating the most amazing and creative art with bonafide excellence. There must a dismissal of Christian-ese fluff art and real, fine art must be birthed.

If we could release artist who are Christians to reach their full potential, by encouraging their vocation, then you would see works like the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s “David”, etc. The talent is there and apparent.

There is an fine art renaissance in the body of Christ. We fully support these art collectives that are popping up all over the globe. One of our hosts, Wes Mullins – a writer/poet, is actually a members and supporter of Living Stones Fine Arts Collective in Lexington Kentucky.


Expressions of Worships -Gerren Duggar


“And When He Shakes His Mane, We Will have Spring Again” -Jacob Cecil


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*Photograph at top of page by Cara Dee Photography